Who we are

Aboalagal Steel construction projects include industrial / commercial buildings, retail centres, banks, banquet halls, churches, condominiums / residential dwellings, drug stores and other large scale structures. We are also fabricators of steel signs, and other custom projects. Through the use of innovative construction practices, we also combine a mix of metal building technologies with traditional concrete block construction to fabricate larger buildings while keeping construction costs at a manageable level.

Aboalagal Steel has been a leader in fabricating and erecting quality structural steel products. We carry a significant inventory of steel products and have built our reputation on customer satisfaction. If you are looking for a company that is entirely focused on customer service, then Contact Us for your next construction project.

What do we do?

Here are some of our services

Steel Fabrication

We provide structural steel fabrication services, including plate work, shearing and braking, punching and drilling, grating, plasma cutting, etc. We work with a variety of materials, from structural steel to architectural and miscellaneous metals.

Steel Erection

Aboalagal Steel steel erectors take great pride in knowing our field work is done with as much efficiency and attention to detail as the design of our buildings. This is one big reason why we directly employ our erection services. This allows us to better control our safety, schedules and costing much better than working with sub contractors.

Steel Welding

We handle both large and small scale projects across Ontario. We boast a large portfolio of structural steel welding, fabrication, and installation architectures that have served our customers well for many years.

Profiling and Torch Cutting

When you work on a commercial or industrial construction project, you know it’s important not to cut corners or make do with lackluster materials. You want to make sure you've created a masterpiece that not only looks professional and attractive, but stays strong and lasts long as well.

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We take a great pride in work and service, we believe in our quality work as well as on time service that we provide each and every day. We continue to expand our broad and satisfied customer base.

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